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  • Sustainability

    Rio king, being aware that the future of the company depends largely on the preservation of natural resources and the commitment of its collaborators, its developing an organizational culture that cares about the environment and the optimization and control of resources. For that purpose, it has developed a communication management plan which incorporates all levels and areas that take part in the company.
  • OceanCycle developed the world’s first and leading certification standard for ocean and ocean-bound plastics. When you see the OceanCycle Certified mark, it means traceability you can trust. Transparency and accountability were needed in the ocean-bound plastics marketplace, so OceanCycle’s founders developed the first—and most rigorous—certification standard. Inspired by Forest Stewardship (FSC) and Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certifications, a fully documented chain of custody ensures safe, equitable and ethical working practices across the supply chain.
  • Water
    Estimation of water footprint

    We make responsible use of water with the development and application of program managements that consider a balance between the supply available and the correct and efficient use of water, depending on the characteristics of every crop.
    We boost the optimization and the resource management through the use of efficient irrigation technologies, storing the resource in dams and the use of irrigation programs based on weather, soil and cropping needs.
  • Energy
    Estimation of carbon footprint, uses of sustainable energy

    We systemize and control the consumption, helping to reduce the costs and also the carbon footprint.
    We approach energy efficiency from different fields of action; trainings; project development with other industry players; systematized information and development of energy analysis; taking into account the specific variables of the geographic area, type of production and the process of fruit.
  • Pesticides Efficient
    Efficient control and use of chemicals

    We meet all the regulations and restrictions of selection, use and handling of pesticides for each of our species, varieties and target markets. We work on the production of safe and quality fruit, applying distinct management programs, considering actions of IPM (integrated pest management), permanent counseling and training of our new providers.
  • Food Waste
    Calculating waste versus production

    We optimize the productive processes conducting a follow-up and analysis of the growth of the fruit from beginning to end, leading the production to different target markets, diversifying and expanding the selling alternatives in order to increase the commercialization of the fruit and producing almost 0% waste.
  • Audits and Certifications
    Food Safety | Ethical Standards

    Our commitment is to deliver to our clients a Safe and Quality product. We are working meeting national and international standards focused on Quality, Safety, Food Innocuousness and Social Responsibility.
    Annually we conduct a Third-party audit recognize by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) in order to validate the implemented programs in all our processing plants and providers.
  • Compliance
    Training, Compliance and Current Labor Legislation

    Rio King is a family owned-business and the key pillar of our company are people. Based on this concept, we created collaborative working environments that promote and facilitate the accomplishment of their work.
    We consolidate the staff skills of each work area by giving internal promotions on key positions of the company relying on highly committed collaborators. We protect the fundamental rights of the workers in a safe and harmless work environment, without distinction of any kind, such as gender, race and/or religious beliefs.